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April 15, 2022

Benefits of Covered RV Storage in Florida

We all love the thrill of the adventure when we get to take our vehicles on trip. Maybe your RV got to see its first big road trip in a while or you finally had a good day fishing with the trusty boat. When that adventure comes to an end and it is time to store away your boat, RV, or other vehicle, trust Elite RV & Boat Storage to keep it secure. We offer covered vehicle storage on Domestic Avenue in Fort Myers, FL. See how our covered RV and boat storage can help you!

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What Are 3 Benefits of Covered RV & Boat Storage in Fort Myers, FL?

1. Clears Home Vehicle Storage Spaces

Sure, you can store your large RV on your property, but odds are, that space could go to much better use. Finding a home away from home for your vehicle can clear up your property. Your garage and driveway are then free for everyday vehicles, and your yard is available for activities. Renting vehicle storage is also ideal for those who do not have access to additional parking spaces, like if you are renting an apartment or condo.

2. Protects Against Weather & Other Damage

You do not have to leave your vehicle out sitting in the hot Florida sun. Our covered parking spaces help to significantly reduce the temperature in and around your vehicle. The last you want is to return to your RV to see paint fading and rubber drying out. Also, the roofs can keep off aggressive weather as storms roll through. See why Fort Myers residents trust their vehicles with Elite RV & Boat Storage!

3. Adds Security Measures

At Elite RV & Boat Storage, we position security cameras at key points around our facility. You have to enter through our front gate with a code to access, and our on-site managers keep an eye on the facility as they make their rounds. We are determined to foster a safe space for our tenants and staff to handle business.

Elite RV & Boat Storage in Fort Myers, FL

We offer a plenty of resources to make your storage experience with us an easy one. Elite RV & Boat Storage has a dump station and a wash station available to you, as well as electric outlet access. We also provide 24/7 access to the ice machine, restrooms, and showers, so you have a comfortable place to settle yourself before storing your vehicle. Come by our facility on Domestic Avenue to check out our covered parking spaces in Fort Myers, FL.

You can also reserve your parking space online today! Our contactless storage rentals ensure you always have easy access to the storage space you need. You can browse through our available parking spaces online to find the size that is right for you. By reserving online, you can save that space for a future date commitment-free. Just be sure to complete the payment before your move-in day. Reserve covered parking near you in Fort Myers, FL, with Elite RV & Boat Storage!

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