PIP Storage – Rochester

46 Farmington Rd
Rochester NH 03867
(603) 332-0911

Rochester Storage Rentals

PIP Storage offers a safe secure drop box for payment at all three locations. We run on your schedule that’s why you have 24/7 access to your belongings at all of our locations. Take advantage of our online features like renting your units here or setting up automatic bill pay, so all you have to do is actually bring your belongings down to be stored. PIP Storage can certainly provide a storage solution that will work for you, and units are available for rentals right now. Our main office is located at 67 NH Rt 11 and is open 8-5 Monday through Friday and 8-4 on Wednesday.

We take security seriously at PIP storage, so if you change your lock let us know so we can install stickers on your locks. This allows us to ensure that your lock is your lock! Our units are marked with a removal wire tag. To Access your unit, simply remove the tag and add your lock. Your rent is not prorated, if you move out prior to your move-in date, simply let us know.

At PIP Rental, we advert any behavior that obstructs the harmony, cleanliness, or perception of our facilities. We reserve the right not to renew any storage contract. If your plans are to do anything nefarious, this is the not facility for you. We are diligent in making sure the facilities are properly and legally being used. If you have any concerns call us at 603 332-0911.