PIP Storage – Somersworth

363 NH-108
Somersworth, NH 03878
(603) 332-0911

Somersworth Storage Location

Pip Storage has three locations served by our virtual office on the website. We offer a safe secure drop box for payment at all three locations. All of our locations offer 24/7 access to your belongings, so that you can move anything in and out on your schedule. Online features like unit rentals, automatic bill pay or pay anytime you like allow you to rent and process payment from home, all you have to do is actually bring your belongings down to be stored. We are certain we have a solution that will work for you, and units are available for rentals right now. We offer outside storage spot at our Farmington Location.

Security is enhanced by our staff installing stickers on your locks that way we can check routinely that your lock is your lock! If you change your locks let us know so we can install another sticker. Advertised available units are tagged with a removal wire tag. When you rent a unit just remove the tag an install your lock. We do not charge an admin fee, a lock fee or a security deposit, rental period is 30 days based on the day your rent your unit. Rent is not prorated so if you move out let us know and move out before your Anniversary date.

We encourage you to use your units for storage and discourage any behavior that interferes with the harmony cleanliness or perception of our facilities. We reserve the right not to renew any storage contract. If it is your though to do anything nefarious this is not the facility for you. We are diligent in making sure the Facilities are properly and legally being used. If you see anything sketchy call us at 603 332-0911.