Stirling Storage in Phoenixville PA
March 31, 2012

Our Top Five Cleaning Tips

Spring is officially here, thank goodness! Call us crazy, but our favorite part of Spring is actually Spring Cleaning.  See our top five tips to Spring Clean like a pro.

  • Cleaning the Gutters isn’t only a fall chore in some yards; many trees such as black locust, oaks and maples drop litter in spring and summer. While you’re clearing the gutters, also check for cracks in the seams.You can find other cleaning tips for your yard and home exterior from HGTV.
  • As you are clearing out all the clutter, keep in mind that not everything needs to be tossed. You can donate old eyeglasses to organizations such as and your local lLion’s Club to help out someone in need. Read more about what to keep, toss or donate here.
  • There is no need to go out and by specialty cleaners, for many jobs you can use items you already have. For instance, you can skip the pricey stainless steel cleaner and use a dab of baby oil with a microfiber cloth to clean those surfaces instead. Read about these and more spring cleaning cost cutters in this article from The Mint.
  • Martha Stewart has lots of clever spring cleaning tricks like using a lint roller to clean fabric lamp shades, simply hold the shade steady, and pass the roller over the exterior.
  • Before summer comes around why not do a quick home energy assessment to make sure that your air conditioning doesn’t seep through the cracks in your home. Take a tip from organizations such as Energize New York and Connecticut’s Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge and seal up those windows and doors! It’ll keep you cool in the summer months and save you money.

Happy Spring and Happy Spring Cleaning from our self storage Phoenixville PA family to yours.