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January 27, 2014

What You Should Never Keep in a Storage Unit

There are plenty of items you can put into storage, but there are definitely some things that should never go into a storage unit.  This is for safety purposes, as well as for legality.  As a public service, we have listed things below that are not storage unit applicable:
exterior storage

  1. Pets or any animals.  Live creatures should not be kept in a storage unit.  Not only is this a violation of most storage unit policies, but it is risking the lives of the animals.
  2. People. Yes, some individuals have tried to turn storage units into veritable “apartments”, but it isn’t allowed.  Besides, there are no facilities in a storage unit, so cleanliness would be a huge issue.
  3. Anything that is illegal or stolen.  This should go without saying.
  4. Cash. While it’s okay to store items like old coins if you’re comfortable doing so, it’s not a good idea to put cash in a storage unit.  It isn’t a bank vault or a safety deposit box, so it shouldn’t be used in lieu of one.
  5. Passports, social security cards or similar documents. These are best kept in a fire-safe box in your home, because you might need them at a moment’s notice.
  6. Fresh foods. A rotting melon or green pepper will create a stench in a storage unit, so fresh produce and meats are to be kept elsewhere.
  7. Toxic chemicals. Storage units do not have the proper set-up to be mini-laboratories.  Thus, any toxic chemicals that could be unstable must be stored elsewhere.
  8. Plants. Though it is climate-controlled, a storage facility shouldn’t be turned into a greenhouse.
  9. Insects. If insects are your hobby, that’s terrific.  However, they simply should not be kept in a storage facility.
  10. Items that have been infested with lice, bedbugs, fleas or cockroaches.  These bugs can begin to infiltrate other storage units if they are not contained.  Thus, it’s best to throw out an infested item.

Most of all, it’s important to use common sense when deciding what to put and what not to put in a storage unit.  When in doubt, you can ask the facility manager for his or her suggestions.