Stirling Storage in Phoenixville PA
October 8, 2014

Tips for Winter Storing

Winter is quickly approaching, are you ready? Here are 3 ways to prepare your stored belongings in colder weather. Don’t let winter’s weather sneak up on you before you’re done winterizing everything!

1. Understand what you are storing. Give each item a quick inspection. Make note of any fragile items and take the necessary steps to protect those areas on whatever you are storing. Also note the condition of the items being stored at the time to make sure they are being properly stored to prevent further damage to your valuables.

2. Do you have fragile memorabilia such as baseball cards, old photos? Are you wondering how to safely store them in the cold? Plastic sleeves for cards of all types, even photos are a great way to protect them in the cold. They can prevent scratches, scuffs, tears, and folds to happen which will preserve the life of them! However plastic sleeves are not recommended in an excessively hot environment because those sleeves can melt and stick to the cards and photos causing damage to occur when being removed. Don’t forget to remove them before the summer.

3. As temperatures begin to plunge it’s time to prepare your summer clothes for storage. Storage units provide an excellent opportunity to save some space in your home. When preparing your clothes for storage, make sure each item is washed and clean before. Stains will become permanent over time. Store clothes in a plastic bin. Pack them in tight so no air can circulate. A good trick to make you clothes smell good when you need them again is to put a drier sheet in each container. Make sure no moisture is present in your plastic bins and in your clothes from washing. A great storage idea is packing your clothes in a space saver bag. They remove a significant amount of air and reduce the space that the clothes take up. It’s a good idea to keep cedar blocks in each container as well to rid your clothes of moths that eat fabric.