Steps to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter
October 13, 2016

Steps to get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

Don’t leave your vehicle unarmed when the winter season comes. Take these steps to get your vehicle ready for winter. Follow the plan below and you will be ready to settle in for winter and dream about feeling the spring breeze.

Steps to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

  • Take your vehicle for one last ride to allow it to warm up and burn off any condensation that has accumulated. The changing temperatures cause water to build in your vehicle and rust can occur internally.
  • Avoid using the braking brake during winter storage so pressure is not consistently applied to the brake pads and rotors. If e-brake is on this may cause the pads and rotors to fuse.
  • Top of the tanks and keep them full all winter. Do not be tempted to start the car to make sure its still working. This will make the fluids burn down enough for vapors to acquire.
  • Even though your car is being stored and not in use for the winter you should always maintain proper insurance in case of theft.
  • To make your winter storage easier on yourself remember to take the battery out. Taking the battery out allows for it to keep fully charged all winter long.
  • Meticulously detail the exterior and interior. If left on the car, dirt can absorb water and cause rust. Take extra care in areas that attract the most dirt when traveling, such as the undercarriage and wheel wells.
  • Leave a small crack in the window so the car can circulate fresh air. Fresh air allows your vehicle to be drive ready for the spring.
  • Lastly, have a licensed mechanic give it one last look to help catch any areas not cared for. The mechanic can pin point any maintenance needing attention while it is out of commission.

For more steps to get your vehicle ready for winter call or stop in to speak with us!