January 12, 2017

Why Organization Matters

Getting organized for 2017? Stirling Storage knows how to make the most of your space because we know why organization matters. With our room-by-room strategy below you will have the skills and knowledge to get the job done.

Why Organization Matters


  • Add a tension rod under the sink to hang cleaning products with a spray handle.
  • There is no need to get rid of the junk drawer. Most supplies in there are helpful, they just need a basket or drawer organizer to keep them in their place.
  • Go through your cabinets, especially the one with water bottles and old coffee mugs, make edits to expired food and useless utensils.
  • The back of the pantry door is a great spot for a pocket organizer to keep extra food.


  • Add storage above the door with a shelf for towels and bathroom rags.
  • Tiered counter storage makes it easy for guests to find everything they need.
  • Take advantage of the wall space around your sink and toilet with floating vanity shelves. Put q-tips, cotton balls, and bathroom necessities in stylish jars to make your decorations functional.
  • Make laundry day simple and fast with stack-able laundry baskets for easy sorting.


  • Go vertical in your office! Install shelves up to the ceiling to utilize all available space.
  • Use a drawer divider to keep notepads readily available instead of being buried by other office supplies.
  • Make a command center for yourself. Here you can make notes of bills that need paid or family schedules.
  • At the end of everyday reorganize your space. Put items back in their homes and start the next day refreshed and ready to go!

Garage / Mudroom:

  • Add shelves, a bench, and shoe shelf by the door to the house to make an instant mudroom and keeps the dirt out of the house.
  • Use a slatted wall or customized shelves for garden equipment and other tools.
  • A magnetic strip will keep screw drivers and metal tools off the work area and easily located
  • Keeps screws, drill bits, and other tiny tools in a screw top container to organize your work bench.

Stop the endless search for your keys with these easy organization tips. Stop by or call us when you need help coordinating your home.