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August 12, 2019

We Love Our Phoenixville PA Community

Being part of this friendly, welcoming and tight-knit Phoenixville PA community are just some of the reasons we are proud to call this area home to Stirling Storage. August is all about focusing on what really makes our neighborhood so superb. With so many caring businesses, scrumptious foods to attempt and various sights to take in, these all make up what we love about our area.

Phoenixville PA Community

Downtown Phoenixville

From pubs to art galleries, from live music to holistic healing, from indoor gyms to outdoor trails, Phoenixville PA truly has something for everyone! The upbeat downtown area of Phoenixville PA has many attractions that will appeal to all ages of individuals. Check out some of our managers favorite eateries and sites that are must see!

Bridge Street Chocolates

Phoenixville PA - Bridge Street Chocolates

  • Gail Warner, the owner has the best hand made candies and sweets, and is a very sweet and kind individual. Everything is made right there in the store! The chocolates are smooth and sweet. There is a huge difference between store-bought and hand-made, which this place makes it extremely easy to tell.

The Colonial Theatre

Phoenixville PA - The Colonial Theatre

  • This theatre being one of the towns most historical building in Phoenixville PA, makes it a must see! Built in 1903 and still going strong, this place host Movie Premiers. Additionally it host many other events and activities throughout each year.

Bistro on Bridge

Phoenixville PA - The Colonial Theatre

  • Located almost right across the street from the historic “Colonial Theatre” is the wonderful Bistro on Bridge. This locally owned restaurant has a tremendous selection of craft beers and IPA’s on tap. Also to go along with their amazing menu that can satisfy all types of cravings is an extensive wine and spirits list.

Business in Phoenixville PA

The Phoenixville Chamber is very active in giving recognition to small businesses and holding events to keep everyone in the loop. There are new ribbon cutting ceremonies weekly, and they are constantly making improvements with downtown Phoenixville, as well as the historical landmarks in the area.

Peter Urscheler, the Mayor of Phoenixville, was recognized by Jaycees as one of the 10 Outstanding Young Americans for 2019. This award went to the 10 winners between the ages 18-40 who were truly outstanding in the fields of: business, political achievement, voluntary leadership and humanitarian.

Stirling Storage is over joyed to be a part of the a successful Phoenixville PA community. Our storage facility can be the answer to any storage need you may have. Locate your opportune self storage unit online in Phoenixville PA. Then go explore and see the the tremendous area, along with what it has to offer.

Katie Mest

About the Author: Katie Mest is an SEO Specialist at Storage Asset Management in York, PA. She specializes in writing about the self storage industry, including storage tips and helpful resources. Outside of work, Katie enjoys camping, hiking, and exploring the outdoors with her newly adopted Greyhound rescue, Titan.