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September 13, 2019

Local Storage Tips For Back To School

With summer headed out and fall on its way, where are you storing your belongings? Have you ever thought about storing a few items to help organize the house? Stirling Storage is a local storage option in Phoenixville PA with more than just a storage space for rent. Our experts work hard to give you the answers you need. Whether you are preparing to send the kids off to school or you want to park in the garage this winter but need more space, we have you covered!

Get ready for the season with just a few tips for around the house.

Local Storage Phoenixville PA

Around the House Organization

  1. Supplies, lunches, new clothes, get your shopping list in order before heading out to the store. Take the kids with you so they can choose food they want.
  2. A pre-made pencil case will be the life savor you need when you have to drive the kids to school.
  3. Make a spot for everyone to drop their items as soon as they come in the door. Stay organized with a key basket and coat hook.
  4. Never double-book yourself again with a shared calendar like Cozi or Google Calendar.
  5. Between the classroom and bus, things are bound to get mixed up. Label any loose articles like lunch boxes and water bottles.

How to Store for Fall

  1. What supplies do you need when moving to storage? Check out our office for all the tools needed to store your gear.
  2. Peddle bikes should be cleaned and tires to the correct PSI.
  3. Empty the gas tank on all lawn equipment before putting them in the storage unit.
  4. Clean coolers, grills, and outdoor kitchen utensils to keep critters out during storage.
  5. Use our temperature controlled storage units to keep delicate items out of the changing degrees.

Why choose storage for your summer items? Our local storage in Phoenixville PA is a helpful tool to use when cleaning out the garage for winter or moving tools around in the shed. Give us a call or find your storage unit online.

Tim Glasow

About the Author: Tim is an SEO Strategist at Storage Asset Management in York, PA. He is a self-storage industry specialist who has written about everything from storage advice and helpful resources to industry trends. In his free time, Tim enjoys sampling craft beer and exploring the local music scene.