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October 15, 2020

Tips for Packing with Storage Supplies

Packing can take a while, but if you do it right, your unpacking will go much more smoothly. Stirling Storage on Kimberton Road sells storage supplies at our Phoenixville PA office, and we offer guidance for all things storage. Call our office to talk to an expert about any questions. When you start packing, follow these tips for an easier time.

1. Create a “Just in Case” Supplies Bag

The whole packing process might get a little hectic. Keep a bag or box of storage supplies handy, so you do not have to go searching through your house for tape or a knife. Find all the supplies you need at Stirling Storage’s Phoenixville PA facility. We sell everything from boxes to furniture covers. And during October, we are giving a portion of each sale to Susan G. Komen to help fund breast cancer research. Come by our office to gather all the supplies you need, and while you are there, browse our available storage units.

2. Keep Boxes from the Same Room Together

Creating an organization that works for you is the key to successful storage. Pack and store boxes from the same room together, so when you go to unload the boxes, you will know where to take them. Save time by labeling your boxes with the room name and the general contents of the box. For example, specify that a box is holding kitchen supplies, notably the blender and coffee maker. When you go to look for your blender later, you will be able to find it easily without having to rummage through boxes.

Stirling Storage’s Storage Supplies in Phoenixville PA

Never worry about being unprepared when you store at Stirling Storage in Phoenixville PA. If you forget any last-minute packing supplies, we have you covered with everything necessary for safe storage. When you are ready to start storing with us, check out our temperature-controlled storage units and other storage options online!

Paige Weary

About the Author: Paige is a Social Media Coordinator at Storage Asset Management in York, PA. She brings the most useful storage tips and tricks to your social media feed and loves a good self-storage pun. Beyond work, Paige spends her free time traveling extensively, her most recent trip being the Andes Mountain region of Bolivia.