storage unit size guide
April 20, 2022

Storage Unit Size Guide for Stirling Storage

A small storage unit may be all you need, but how can you be sure? Stirling Storage Phoenixville, PA, offers temperature-controlled and indoor storage units in a range of sizes, so you are always covered. Discover what size you need with our storage unit size guide below. Then visit our storage calculator for a more precise sizing recommendation! Stirling Storage has all the tools you need for a successful and easy self storage experience. Start saving space with our Phoenixville, PA, storage!

Storage Unit Size Guide

storage unit size guide

Small Storage Units

At the size of a closet, small storage units can actually hold quite a few items. Pack one or two large furniture pieces, like a mattress or desk, first. Then fill in the rest of the way with boxes or bins. Packing your smaller miscellaneous items in a stackable way will make the process much easier. You can even install a shelving unit to utilize all the space in your rental. Be careful when storing large furniture to always check measurements before you bring it to the storage facility. 

Medium Storage Units

Medium storage units are great all-purpose options. Maybe you need to rent one to hold you apartment furniture as you move. Business owners can also take advantage of self storage to hold their inventory or extra equipment. These can hold appliances, water crafts, and book shelves. Think of a medium storage unit as holding about 2-3 rooms’ worth of contents. In comparison to our small storage units, this size category has far fewer sizing restrictions on the items that will fit in the storage units. 

Large Storage Units

What will fit in a large storage unit? The short answer: anything you need them to. These will comfortably hold the contents of your house as you move and settle in. Pack in your patio, living room, and dining room furniture sets, along with all your mattresses and bed frames. And if you have small boats, trailers, or extra vehicles you need to store, large storage units can also keep them safe.

Storing with Stirling Storage

Storing in Chester County is easy with Stirling Storage. Conveniently located off PA-113, we offer temperature-controlled storage units for Phoenixville, PA, residents and our neighbors. Our indoor storage units provide protection for your items against any Pennsylvania weather. Store indoor to keep your belongings in the best shape possible until you need them again. Are you a local business in need of more storage space? Talk to the experts in our storage office to find a self storage unit near you.

You can now rent or reserve with us contact-free. We offer plenty of options for you to find storage however is most convenient for you. You can stop by our office on Kimberton Road or give us a call to have a storage professional walk you through the rental. They can also answer any questions that you have and guide you toward the correct storage unit storage unit size. See our available storage units online to get started!

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