Stirling Storage in Phoenixville PA
We Love Our Phoenixville PA Community
August 12, 2019

Being part of this friendly, welcoming and tight-knit Phoenixville PA community are just some of the reasons we are proud to call this area home to Stirling Storage. August is all about focusing on what really makes our neighborhood so superb. With so many caring businesses, scrumptious foods to attempt and various sights to take […]

Timelapse Video of Our Facility Being Built
December 5, 2016

Watch the construction of Stirling Storage facility!

Memorial Day Weekend Is the Perfect Time to Move Your Summer Items Out of Storage
May 13, 2014

Chances are good that your storage unit is filled to the brim with all sorts of items that you could use this summer. The key is remembering they are there and getting them out so you can enjoy them! If you’re like most self-storage enthusiasts, yours could contain any of the following things: Water toys […]

What You Should Never Keep in a Storage Unit
January 27, 2014

There are plenty of items you can put into storage, but there are definitely some things that should never go into a storage unit.  This is for safety purposes, as well as for legality.  As a public service, we have listed things below that are not storage unit applicable: Pets or any animals.  Live creatures […]

Our Top Five Cleaning Tips
March 31, 2012

Spring is officially here, thank goodness! Call us crazy, but our favorite part of Spring is actually Spring Cleaning.  See our top five tips to Spring Clean like a pro. Cleaning the Gutters isn’t only a fall chore in some yards; many trees such as black locust, oaks and maples drop litter in spring and […]