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October 23, 2020

Get Organized with Our Storage Supplies

Looking for storage supplies in Douglasville GA? Packing does not need to be a process you dread. Follow the easy packing tips below to get you started on the right foot. Storage Depot of Douglasville provides the best service in the area for all things storage. We offer temperature-controlled and drive-up storage units, as well as parking spaces for your vehicle or boat. Find your storage solution here!

1. Gather a Bag of Storage Supplies

Think of all of the supplies you need for packing. Boxes, bubble wrap, newspaper, tape, etc. You will also need tools, like screwdrivers and wrenches, to disassemble furniture. Keep everything handy by putting a bag together with the storage supplies you will need to pack up your belongings. Take it with you through your house as you are packing up, and always put the supplies back in the bag. This gives you a designated spot for your supplies so you do not lose them in the bustle of packing. Storage Depot of Douglasville sells storage supplies at our Douglasville GA facility, and during October, a percentage of those sales will go to Susan G. Komen. Help make a difference by purchasing the supplies you need anyway!

2. Organize Boxes by Room

They key to an easier packing process is organization. Find what works for you, and roll with it. First, mark or label the room in which each box belongings. You can use this information to keep like boxes in the same spot in your storage unit. This also helps movers when you are unpacking at a new house. We also recommend labeling or creating a cheat sheet for the contents of each box. 

Finding Storage Supplies with Storage Depot of Douglasville

When you need self storage, come to Storage Depot of Douglasville! We have a range of storage units for every need and budget. Find a drive-up or temperature-controlled storage unit that can help you get your house organized! Or let us keep your boat or RV safe during cooler months. Rent with us today!

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