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April 30, 2021

College Storage Mistakes to Avoid

The end of your semester can be a hectic and stressful time. You’ve just wrapped up your exams for the year, and you’re looking forward to heading home for your summer, but you’re left with the task of finding self storage for your dorm room before heading out. Look no further than Storage Depot of Douglasville for affordable state college storage units in the Virginia area.  Read more to learn of some common college storage mistakes you can avoid when picking out your summer storage rental.

Consider an Organization Plan

You’re a tech savvy college student, right? Utilize excel to create an inventory spreadsheet for your storage unit listing all items packed into your unit. Be sure to label all boxes and storage bins, and be sure to take advantage of your storage unit’s “vertical space”. Larger boxes and storage bins should be stored at the base of your unit, whereas smaller and lighter boxes can be stacked on top. Additionally, be sure to store items such as seasonal clothing, textbooks, and personal notebooks closer to your storage unit’s door for easy accessibility. Be sure to stop in to Storage Depot of Douglasville today for all of your moving and packing supplies!

Consider Sizing Up

You might be considering opting for the smallest storage size available to save some money. Don’t settle – there is nothing worse than running out of storage space mid-move! Consider sizing up to create a hassle free moving day. details the amount of storage needed in a recent article highlighting storage tips for college students. As they relate, a standard 5×5 unit should suffice for a dorm room or one-bedroom apartment, whereas a 5×10 storage unit should sufficiently store a two or three-bedroom apartment. Use this information as a guide to choosing your storage unit. Just as valuable, Storage Depot of Douglasville provides a free storage calculator online. Input the items you plan to store, and the  calculator will provide an estimate of what size storage unit you should consider renting. Be sure to pick the right storage size for your needs.

Consider Opting for Coverage

We get it; you’re a broke college student and a protection plan is a luxury you can’t afford. Still, consider this – in the event of any damage occurring to your unit or its contents the storage facility will not be considered liable. Thus, it might make sense including an insurance or protection plan for your unit. The price difference will be negligible, and you will appreciate the peace of mind this minimal addition can provide. This is furthermore important as you may be spending your summer hours away from your storage unit. Make the right decision and opt for protection today!

Storage Depot of Douglasville in Georgia

Visit Storage Depot of Douglasville today for affordable state college storage units in the greater Georgia area. This facility is equipped to handle RV, boating, and other vehicular storage, and offers the convenience of onsite U-Haul moving trucks for rental. Additional features include temperature-controlled storage units, secure gated access, and the safety of contactless storage rentals. Enjoy the convenience of choosing your storage space on the go from your phone, or while you pack your last box before moving. This location also offers month-to-month rental options – this is an ideal feature for nearby students looking for affordable college storage options for their summer break. Come stop by today and chat with the storage experts at Storage Depot of Douglasville!

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